…my interpretation of Wolf Haley, I guess - I’ve put some concept pics up before. This one’s the counterpart to my Tron Cat character drawing who wears a similar mask (cat instead of wolf, obvs) and almost identical outfit, different colors.  I’m not a HUUUUGE fan of this piece, I never intended it to get so much detailing - it was originally just kind of a concept doodle that took off. About 10 hours on this, all in total? Wanted to try one of my Golfwangsketches in a more monochrome color palette so I only used 3 colors here - I kinda like the results, accenting the blue vans and shits like that…

Anyhow, I used - staedtler fineliner red black and ocean blue, faber castel pitt pens waterproof, watercolor paints and white acrylic for accenting, pilot fineliner black smudged with water to shade. 

…Somebody Tell Satan That I want My Fucking Swag Back.