UM… Lets follow THAT embarrassing monstrosity up with A SCREEN GRAB so that I stop fretting. 

I REALLLY love the animation of the LANKY LANKY LANKKKKKKKKNESS of Onceler’s crazy long limbs in this scene where he’s trying to paddle with the pillow. ^___^ I think part of being smitten comes from the fact that WE SHARE THE SAME FUCKED UP PROPORTIONS. I’m kind of a beanpole myself, 6 feet tall, but I’m allllll arms and legs, with a very short torso proportionally - my arms are 33”, my legs a whopping 38” on the inseam. I wonder where Onceler buys his pants from? Because I can NEVER find any long enough.

…I bet he makes them. Boy’s got dem SEWING SKILLZ.